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Uniform Portal for WMATA Operators

Store Hours: M-F: 9am-5:30pm / Sat: 9am-1pm / Sun: Closed

Phone: 703-941-9382     Email:

2024 Uniform Credit Upload

A uniform credit of $328.28 has been added to all accounts that were active as of 1/17/24.

WMATA EMAIL ADDRESS and UNIFORM PORTAL: You need to have access to your email address for our store staff to help you login to the uniform portal.  Your WMATA email will be used for pick up notifications as well.  Please establish your uniform portal password prior to visiting our store to get fitted.  This will allow you to verify your job position and uniform allowance/store credit.

IN STORE FITTING:  American Uniforms offers in-store service and on-site tailoring services.  We have in-store kiosks to help you complete your order.

FIRST TIME LOGIN PROCEDURE: Your account in this system has been pre-loaded using your email address.  Use Reset Password/Forgot your Password with your WMATA email address to establish your first password.

JOB POSITION and UNIFORM ALLOWANCE/Store Credit: These will be displayed once you are logged in.  This information is passed by WMATA into this portal.  American Uniforms is only authorized to provide you uniforms based on the job position displayed and has no control over adjusting it.  If either one are incorrect, please email or contact your supervisor.